Who’s this Hoodling anyway?

The urban monkey known as Hoodling resides in a dull, little town near Bergen, Norway. In his youth, he created this glorious website in an attempt to communicate his rage to the world. Nobody cared, and thus he gave up.

As the years dragged on, our once happily angry urban monkey slowly but surely diminished into a pathetic, couch-dwelling sloth of the likes the world has never before seen. All aspirations of greatness long forgotten in the throes of alcoholism and the everlasting search for a cure to boredom.

Many years–and a dozen midlife crises–later, the now middle aged urban monkey has come full circle, but this time it’s all new, all different! Idle no more, the urban monkey has taken it upon himself to compose the most epic chicken scratch the world has yet to ignore!

Not laziness, nor suicidal depression, nor pathetic angst shall keep the beast at bay! Fueled by disgust and disappointment in himself and his species, he’s on a no holds barred, unmitigated, unapologetic verbal rampage! Pissed off and out of control, the Hoodling shall be heard!

Behold, the collected chicken scratch of an urban monkey… again!